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The Unique Artwork of Glyn Matthews "Photo-Graphics"

The unique images of Glyn Matthews' landscapes have been a major influence in Kevin Kendle's music. The ethereal cover artwork for Kevin's AUTUMN, EVENTIDE, FIRST LIGHT and AERIAL VISTAS albums is by this artist, and is created by means of a unique and revolutionary technique.

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Glyn Matthews was born in Plymouth, Devon in 1952, and trained as a graphic designer. He has worked in a variety of media, being influenced by Britain's pastoral and industrial landscapes. In 1982 he developed the unique method of blending his Graphic skills with a love of photography; "photo-Graphics", available in a series of limited editions.

The work is created entirely in the studio, the subject being carefully selected for its potential in silhouette. A line drawing is made and translated into a series of overlays. These are then lit using carefully positioned coloured lights, and photographed. The resulting negative is then used to produce a limited edition print.

Examples of the artist's work can now be found in private collections around the world.

For more information about the artist and future exhibitions visit: www.glyn-matthews.co.uk
or tel: (+44) 01782 519738


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