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Interview with Serge Kozlovsky
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Serge : ... Which other musicians do you associate with? Which other New World artists are you most close to?

Kevin : I am fortunate to have made contact with many top musicians in the field of New Age music, both working with New World and those working independently. Within New World Music, I would name Llewellyn, James Asher, Medwyn Goodall and Stuart Jones as particularly good friends. As I carry out all of New World's mastering work, preparing other artists' studio recordings for release on CD, I have dealings with all the other New World artists, but I know them less well. Outside of New World Music, I am good friends with Nigel Shaw, a truly talented and successful independent New Age artist in the UK. Nigel runs Seventh Wave Music and has been a great help to me over the years with advice and contacts. Martin Walker, who writes for Sound on Sound magazine, is also a great friend, and a talented independent New Age artist. He runs Yew Tree Music from his home in Gloucestershire.

I also know Tony O'Connor in Australia by Email, who has been very complimentary about my albums, and also from Australia, Ian Cameron Smith, a brilliant guitarist who I've met up with several times during his visits to the UK. Ian has in fact just recorded some excellent classical guitar parts for my next album! As I said earlier, I was thrilled to make contact with one of my musical idols, Iasos, by Email a couple of years ago. I remember buying his album "The Angels of Comfort" back in 1978 when I was 12 years old and being so excited by its celestial textures. It is great to have him today as a friend, as he is totally unique and without doubt one of the true pioneers of New Age Music!

Serge : I almost forgot to ask you about another of your album projects which was released by the New World Music in 2000. This is an album from the Mind, Body and Soul series, devoted to Tarot. What inspired you to write and perform the music for this project? Is it somehow connected with your interests in life?

Kevin : I was thrilled to have had the opportunity to work on this album. Working closely with a highly-acclaimed Tarot expert here in the UK, Steve Hounsome, I produced an album depicting the first 11 cards in the Major Arcana of a deck of Tarot cards. I knew very little about the Tarot when I embarked on the project, but with Steve's help, I learned all about the symbolism and energies associated with each card. It is a very POSITIVE album, and I feel it contains some of my finest music to date. Some people it seems are put off my the subject matter, or are frightened of the Tarot through ignorance and see it as somehow dark and threatening. This is simply not the case. Steve uses the Tarot in a healing way, to release energies and bring comfort.

I spent 14 months working on the Tarot album, working hard to incorporate into the music as far as I could, the unique energies of each card. During the recording of this album, there were moments when I didn't feel totally responsible for the music I had created - almost as though I had help from elsewhere. I am particularly pleased with Tarot - it's an album I hope people can enjoy simply as an album of music - you don't have to be associated with Tarot to listen to the music!

Serge : In general, what are your life interests and hobbies? Tell me about your home and family life. What do you like to do besides creating music?

Kevin : My interests are wide-ranging, even though I have little spare time to practise any of them!! I love simply spending time at home with my family, Julie, Sam, & Tom. I enjoy tending my garden, and I love to cook, particularly Indian and Thai food. I also enjoy photography.

We live in a small market town called Baldock, which sits in the Hertfordshire countryside about 50 miles north of London. Baldock has Roman origins, and our house actually sits on the site of the original Roman town of Baldock. The town has many fascinating old buildings, many of which now contain restaurants, which date from the 16th century ...


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